Tranquilium CBD Oil

500mg / 1000mg / 1500mg

100% THC Free. Organic Hemp oil. Organic MCT Oil. Added Terpenes

FRAGRANCE: Earth, wood, pine, lemongrass, cherry

Serenity Naturalz Mission

is to offer the highest and purest quality of natural and organic products as a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals and other toxic over the counter products that cause harm to our physical wellness. We care about what we put into our bodies and we care what goes into your body! It’s the reason why we use our own products. So you can rest assure that if we are using our own products that they are of the upmost premium quality. Our Organic products have been lab tested for purity and self tested by Miss Raina herself before it ever goes to our customers. We want you to be completely happy when buying from us and feel assured that you are getting the very best products. Our bodies are made for a natural way of life and deserve the respect of the highest cleanest natural and organic wellness.

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Happy Customers

My wife and I have purchased the 1500mg pharmaceutical oil, sour patch kids gummies, and peach ring gummies.. we love the product and would recommend it..
Leann R.
I recently purchased the CBD and have been taking it for almost a week. I am having similar results as the product I was taking but take 1/3 the dose because this is a more pure concentration. The taste is also superior with less oil aftertaste.
Cathie S.
I recently purchased CBD oil from Serenity Naturalz for anxiety and Chronic lower back pain. I am totally amazed on the relief I have had with the product. I highly recommend the CBD over any prescription medication. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
L. Miller

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